Ruby GPG

Ruby wrapper for the gpg binary. You probably want to be using the ruby-gpgme gem instead, but if you can't install the gpgme libraries for some reason, I guess you have to settle for this.


gem install ruby_gpg


# Defaults to "gpg"
RubyGpg.config.executable = "/custom/path/to/gpg"

# Defaults to "~/.gnupg"
RubyGpg.config.homedir = "/custom/path/to/home"


# creates /path/to/file.gpg:
RubyGpg.encrypt("/path/to/file", "Mr. Recipient")

# creates /path/to/file:
RubyGpg.decrypt("/path/to/file.gpg", "passphrase")

For more details, see the RDocs.

Copyright (c) 2010 Justin Blake. See LICENSE for details.