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Connect objects to Instagram account info.

Key features:

  • Can be included in objects.
  • On one request:
    • Gets the public info of a provided username (except for followers).
    • Text, link and caption of latest 12 medias.


  • Work in progress

Incluing Grammer in Objects

To include Grammer you model must implement a method that returns an Instagram username:

1. Your model must provide a method that returns an Instagram username.

2. In your model, tell grammer where to find the Instagram username and on which method to provide the data:

grammed_by :username, on: :ig

3. This allows you to call #ig on your object to retrieve its Instagram info.


  • Finish documentation.
  • Command line interface
  • Media objects
  • RDOCs

Copyright (c) 2019 Caio Andrade, released under the MIT license.