Ruby gem to access the AffiniPay Payment Gateway


To use the library in your application, add the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'chargeio', :git => '[email protected]:charge-io/chargeio-gem.git'

Alternatively, you can download and install the library:

git clone git://
cd chargeio-gem
gem build chargeio.gemspec
gem install chargeio-x.x.x.gem

Access to the AffiniPay Payment Gateway occurs through an instance of ChargeIO::Gateway. Gateway objects require credentials (a secret key) to access your merchant data on the AffiniPay servers. Specify the secret key as an argument when instantiating a ChargeIO::Gateway instance:

gateway = => secret_key)

You must tokenize all sensitive payment information before you submit it to AffiniPay. On your payment form, use AffiniPay’s hosted fields to secure payment data and call window.AffiniPay.HostedFields.getPaymentToken to create a one-time payment token. See "Creating payment forms using hosted fields". Then, POST the payment token ID to your Ruby web application.

With your Gateway instance created, run a charge using the payment token:

token_id = lUi5VesmStiZo0ss5I0t5w
charge = gateway.charge(100, :account_id => '12334455667', :method => token_id, :reference => 'Invoice 12345')


The latest AffiniPay Payment Gateway API documentation is available at


To successfully run tests, you must have an AffiniPay merchant account that matches the following configuration:

  • At least one test-mode eCheck account (for eCheck payments)
  • At least one test-mode credit account (for credit card payments)
  • No daily/monthly transaction limit set on your test-mode accounts
  • CVV policy set to "Optional"
  • AVS policy set to "Address or Postal Code Match - Lenient"
  • No additional Required Payment Fields checked other than those set by default after selecting a CVV/AVS policy

Contact support if you need an AffiniPay merchant account or to remove transaction limits from your test accounts.

Run all tests:

secret_key=<secret_key> rake

Run a test suite:

secret_key=<secret_key> rspec spec/integration/<path_to_spec>.rb

Where <path_to_spec.rb> is one of the following:

  • account_spec.rb
  • ach_spec.rb
  • gateway_spec.rb
  • token_spec.rb
  • transaction_spec.rb


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