The music gem provides a means on calculating notes and chords.

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All examples below assume that include Music has been called, though you can also use Music::Note, Music::Chord, etc...

Creating notes:

note = # Creates a note object with the frequency 698.46
note ='F#6') # Creates an F sharp note in the 6th octave

Comparing notes: <    # => true =='F5')      # => true

Converting from frequency to note string and vice versa:    # => 'F5''Bb3').frequency       # => 233.08

Find how many semitones two notes are apart:

Note.note_distance('A4', 'A#4')     # => 1
Note.note_distance('B1', 'F1')      # => -6
Note.note_distance('G#1', 'Ab1')    # => 0

Adjust frequencies by semitones:

Note.frequency_adjustment(440.0, 15)    # => 1046.50

Create chords:

chord =['C4', 'E4', 'G4'])   # Create a C major chord

Describe chords:['C4', 'Eb4', 'Gb4'])     # => ['C', :diminished]

For further usage:


Contributing to music

Contributions are welcome. Check out the issues list and feel free to fork and make a pull request if you have any fixes/additions.


Copyright (c) 2012 Brian Underwood. See LICENSE.txt for further details.