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.timezone(params = {}) ⇒ Hashie::Mash

Gets timezone information for a location on earth, as well as that location's time offset from UTC.


Get timezone data

Eztz::Client.timezone(location: "-33.86,151.20")
=> #<Hashie::Mash dstOffset=3600.0 rawOffset=36000.0 status="OK" timeZoneId="Australia/Sydney" timeZoneName="Australian Eastern Daylight Time">


  • params (Hash) (defaults to: {})

    options to get timezone information. Must include :location or :lat & :lng

Options Hash (params):

  • :location (String)

    a comma-separated lat,lng tuple. (eg. “-33.86,151.20”)

  • :lat (String, Float)

    latitude (eg. -33.86)

  • :lng (String, Float)

    longitude (ex. 151.20)

  • :sensor (Boolean)

    specifies whether the application requesting data is using a sensor. Defaults to false

  • :timestamp (Integer)

    specifies the desired time as seconds since midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC. Defaults to now

  • :language (String)

    the language in which to return results. Defaults to en.


  • (Hashie::Mash)

    the resulting timezone data. Response has the following properties:

    • dstOffset : the offset for daylight-savings time in seconds. This will be zero if the time zone is not in Daylight Savings Time during the specified timestamp.

    • rawOffset : the offset from UTC (in seconds) for the given location. This does not take into effect daylight savings.

    • timeZoneId : a string containing the ID of the time zone, such as “America/Los_Angeles” or “Australia/Sydney”.

    • timeZoneName : a string containing the long form name of the time zone. This field will be localized if the language parameter is set. eg. “Pacific Daylight Time” or “Australian Eastern Daylight Time”

    • status : a string indicating the status of the response. Status will be one of the following:

      • OK - indicates that the request was successful.

      • INVALID_REQUEST - indicates that the request was malformed.

      • OVER_QUERY_LIMIT - indicates the requestor has exceeded quota.

      • REQUEST_DENIED - indicates that the the API did not complete the request. Confirm that the request was sent over http instead of https.

      • UNKNOWN_ERROR - indicates an unknown error.

      • ZERO_RESULTS - indicates that no time zone data could be found for the specified position or time. Confirm that the request is for a location on land, and not over water.


  • (ArgumentError)

    if :location or :lat and :lng are not provided

# File 'lib/eztz/client.rb', line 41

def self.timezone(params={})
  params[:location] = "#{params.delete(:lat)},#{params.delete(:lng)}" if params[:lat] && params[:lng]
  raise ArgumentError, 'You must provide a location' if params[:location].nil? || params[:location].empty? || params[:location] == ','
  params[:sensor] ||= false
  params[:timestamp] ||= self.get('/maps/api/timezone/json', query: params)