Trailblazer Coditsu Macros Engine


Set of macros for nicer composition of Trailblazer operations.


module Repositories
  class Destroy < ApplicationOperation
    step Macros::Model::Find(Repository, :find_by)
    step Macros::Model::Destroy()

Table of Contents

Macros types

There are several types of macros organized in namespaces that can be used to do various things with predefined steps.

Contract macros

  • Macros::Contract::Build - Step for setting contract class and building a new contract
  • Macros::Contract::Persist - Step for contract persistance
  • Macros::Contract::Validate - Step for contract validation
module Organizations
  class New < ApplicationOperation
    contract Contracts::Create

    step Macros::Model::Build(Organization)
    step Macros::Contract::Build()
    step Macros::Contract::Validate(key: :organization)
    step Macros::Contract::Persist()

Context macros

  • Macros::Ctx::Assign - Assigns a given class to a ctx key for further usage
class Sources < ApplicationOperation
  # Now under the 'model' within context you'll have the Source class
  step Macros::Ctx::Assign(Source)
  step Macros::Model::Fetch(:eligible_for_gc)

Error macros

  • Macros::Error::Raise - If we switched to the left track it will raise with some details for debugging
class Vacuum < ApplicationOperation
  step :setup_tables_names
  step :delete_orphaned_offenses

  # Raise an error if anything goes wrong
  failure Macros::Error::Raise(Errors::OperationFailure)

Karafka macros

  • Macros::Karafka::Broadcast - Broadcasts a given context field using a given responder
class Create < ApplicationOperation
  step :model_build
  step :model_persist
  step Macros::Karafka::Broadcast(::Users::CreatedResponder)

Model macros

  • Macros::Model::Build - Build step for creating new objects from a class/scope
  • Macros::Model::Destroy - Destroy step for removing object assigned in ctx['model']
  • Macros::Model::Fetch - Extracts from a given object from a ctx hash a given attribute/method and assigns it under different key
  • Macros::Model::Find - Searches on a given scope and assigns result to a ctx hash
  • Macros::Model::Import - Import step for mass data import
  • Macros::Model::Paginate - Runs a pagination for a model and reassigns it under the same name
  • Macros::Model::Persist - Persist step for saving object assigned in ctx['model']
  • Macros::Model::Search - Searches based on current_search data and overwrites our model/resource
module Repositories
  class Destroy < ApplicationOperation
    step Macros::Model::Find(Repository)
    step Macros::Model::Destroy()

Params macros

  • Macros::Params::Fetch - Fetches a given param key into the ctx hash for further usage
class ScheduleSync < ApplicationOperation
  step Macros::Params::Fetch(from: :build_token)
  step :find_most_recent_status_for_commit_build
  step :schedule_delayed_job

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