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Custom Virtus value to “standardize” the newline characters within strings that are sent through user entered forms. This strips out the carriage return characters from the strings in order to avoid validation mismatches with the string lengths between the frontend and the backend.

This type should be used with forms that have:

  • A user input defined with the <textarea> element

  • The input element having the `maxlength` attribute defined for it

  • The backend having a maximum length validation for the input

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#coerce(value) ⇒ Object

When using Windows or copying texts from existing documents, the text can contain the carriage return characters (r) that the front-end character counter does not consider as actual characters. This happens because the character counter currently counts the characters using jQuery's `$input.val()` method which strips out the carriage return characters as explained at:

Note: At present, using .val() on <textarea> elements strips carriage
return characters from the browser-reported value.

The backend, on the other hand, calculates these as characters as they are included in the data that gets sent to the server. In order to fix this mismatch, remove the carriage return characters from the text using this attribute type.

# File 'decidim-core/lib/decidim/attributes/clean_string.rb', line 30

def coerce(value)
  return value unless value.is_a?(String)

  value.gsub(/\r/, "")