Class: Decidim::ProgressBarCell

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This cell renders a collapsible list of elements. Each element from the ‘model` array will be rendered with the `:cell` cell.

The ‘model` must be an Integer representing how many elements we have right now. Can be higher than the `:total` options value.

Available options:

- `:small` => Whether the progress bar should be small or not.
  This will probably be set to `true` if rendered in a collection view.
  Defaults to `false`.
- `:total` => The amount that will set the progress bar to 100%, the objective
  to reach.
- `:units_name` => The I18n key representing the name of the elements we're
  counting (votes, signatures, answers...). Can have the `%{count}` format.
- `:element_id` => A String representing the ID that will be given to the
  progress bar HTML element.
- `:subtitle_text` => An I18n key representing a subtitle for the element.


  element_id: "my-id",
  units_name: "my.i18n.key",
  small: true,
  total: 10,
  subtitle_text: I18n.t("my.subtitle.key")