SCORM is a Ruby library for reading and extracting Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) files. SCORM is a standardized package format used mainly by e-learning software to help with the exchange of course material between systems in an interoperable way. This gem supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

The gem can both be used as a library in your application or as a command line tool. This gem does NOT handle the run-time part of the SCORM standard, only the so called "Content Aggregation Model".


create <name>               # create a new package skeleton
bundle [<path to directory>]# creates a package from the current directory
check <path to zip file>    # runs a test suite against your package
extract <path to zip file>  # extracts and checks the specified package

Example Workflow

scorm create mypackage        # Create a new package skeleton
cd mypackage                  # 
scorm bundle                  # Create .zip file from current directory
scorm check     # Verify that the package is valid SCORM
scorm extract   # Extract the package


gem install scorm

To use the SCORM gem as a library in your application to extract and read SCORM files you can simply require the 'scorm/package' file.

require 'scorm/package''') do |pkg|
  # Read stuff from the package...
  puts pkg.manifest.identifier
  puts pkg.manifest.default_organization.title
  puts pkg.manifest..general.title.value
  pkg.manifest.resources.each do |resource|
    puts resource.href
    puts resource.scorm_type
    if pkg.exists?(resource.files.first)
      puts resource.files.first
      puts pkg.file(resource.files.first)
  # etc...

See the RDOC documentation for more info about what you can read from the package manifest.


Created and maintained by Niklas Holmgren. Released under the MIT license.