Ruby CookieJar


Author: David Waite

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The Ruby CookieJar is a library to help manage client-side cookies in pure Ruby. It enables parsing and setting of cookie headers, alternating between multiple 'jars' of cookies at one time (such as having a set of cookies for each browser or thread), and supports persistence of the cookies in a JSON string.

Both Netscape/RFC 2109 cookies and RFC 2965 cookies are supported.


For the Next major release, I would like to accomplish:

  1. Check against RFC 6265 - HTTP State Management Mechanism, the latest cookie spec which came out after the initial release of cookiejar
  2. Determine better code structure to encourage alternate persistence mechanisms for cookie jars

The Ruby CookieJar is Copyright © 2009-2014 David Waite, with additional contributions from various authors. Licensing terms are given within the LICENSE file.