Design Patterns for Ruby

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Design Patterns

Creational Patterns

Design patterns that deal with object creation mechanisms, trying to create objects in a manner suitable to the situation.

  • Abstract Factory - For creating and using families of related/dependent objects
  • Builder - For creating different types of complex objects step by step
  • Factory Method - For creating one type of object out of many which can be used in its place
  • Prototype - Up next.
  • Singleton - Coming soon ( Explain Ruby's singleton too )

Structural Patterns

  • Explain what a Structural Pattern means
  • Add Patterns and links to examples here

Behavioral Patterns

  • Explain what a Behavioral Pattern means
  • Add Patterns and links to examples here

About reading code and running tests

The code is heavily documented, and has 100% test coverage. Browse through the Documentation online. It contains explanations of each pattern example. It's also recommended to go throught the tests in spec/ directory to get an idea of how the examples work.

To run the tests :

bundle install


Step 1 : Fork

Step 2 :

  1. Add Ruby examples to Design Patterns.
  2. Each example should have 100% green test coverage.
  3. Each example should have RDocs/YARDocs that explain what each class does.
  4. Each pattern should have its own explaining it.
  5. If there is a Ruby way that bakes in the pattern in the language, do not re-invent the wheel and show the Ruby way. Explain how the example works.

Step 3 : Send a pull request