Easy convention management system.

It provides:

  • Blogging platform
  • Attendees, volunteers and speakers management
  • Resources distribution
  • Events
  • Communication
  • Data sharing
  • User-friendly API with OAuth2 provider

Why bother?

I've created this system as a replacement for SZIM, which was created by my friend in PHP as a management system for Pyrkon. It is quite nice tool, but lack some flexibility and API for developers.


You will need Docker and Docker Compose

  1. Clone this repo using

    git clone https://github.com/eriador/orodruin.git
  2. Build all needed containers

    docker-compose build
  3. Setup database

    docker-compose run web rake db:setup RAILS_ENV=development
  4. Run app

    docker-compose up
  5. Visit http://localhost:5000.


  • project build Build Status Code Climate Coverage Status
  • documentation Inline docs
  • deps/security Dependency Status Security
  • design/progress Stories in Ready Gitter


Before anything read CONTRIBUTION.md.

  1. Fork repo
  2. Clone repo
  3. Create branch

    git checkout -b my-new-cool-feature
  4. Write code & tests

  5. Check if all tests pass

    ./bin/rake test
  6. Push & create pull request