NOTE: This gem is deprecated and shouldn't be used on new projects. There are lots of other solutions outh there with better features and support.


A drop-in “forgot password” feature based on Authlogic. Provides:

  • Screen for user to enter e-mail address

  • Mailer to send token link

  • Screen for user to update their password


Add to your Gemfile

gem 'remindme'

If the model being authenticated is something other than “User” then in an initializer add:

Remindme.authenticated_model_name = 'Account'

Replace 'Account' with whatever your actual model name is. The model should use Authlogic and likely will look something like this:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

This plugin depends on you to already be setup correctly to allow a password to be stored on the authenticated model (i.e your password and salt hashes). But it does include a migration that will add the token field to your model. To add this migration to your app just run:

rake railties:install:migrations

To include a link to the “forgot password” feature just add something like this on your login page.

<%= link_to 'Forgot My Password', new_password_path %>

After the password is reset this plugin needs to know where to send the user. It first checks the session variable 'return_to' (for logmein integration), but if that is not set then it will by default redirect to whatever “root_url” returns (this is a named route defined in most apps that usually redirects to the home page). If you want a different location just configure as follows:

Remindme.final_destination = :dashboard_url

The symbol given will be called as a method. This is usually some named route.

A final bit of configuration. The e-mail received by the user will appear to be coming from [email protected] (replace with whatever the domain of the web request is). If you want it to come from a different e-mail just update as follows:

PasswordMailer.from_user = 'support'

This will make it appear to be coming from [email protected] You cannot currently configure the domain or the subject line of the message but you can override the e-mail template if you wish.

Integration with logmein

This plugin was designed to work in conjuction with the logmein plugin. Although not dependent on logmein they work well together and if you need a login plugin I would suggest it. Here is how you would setup both:

In your Gemfile:

gem 'logmein'
gem 'remindme'

(Optional) If your authenticated model is something other than User:

Logmein.authenticated_model_name =
  Remindme.authenticated_model_name = 'Account'

Make sure your authenticated model is setup to use Authlogic:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

Run this to import migrations from both plugins:

rake railties:install:migrations

Run the migrations and you should be all set!


It would be useful to add another e-mail to the mailer that will let the user know their password has been updated. This way they get that verification and if someone else uses this to update their password against their wishes, at least we will have warned them.


  • Developed by Eric Anderson (

  • Enhanced via projects developed under Red Tusk Studios (

  • (, a call recording service, also contributed towards development.