About OpenSprints

OpenSprints is the Open Source (FREE) version of GoldSprints.

About GoldSprints

Via Wikipedia: A goldsprint is a bicycle rollers racing and social event. Riders on stationary bikes compete against each other in front of a crowd of cheering friends.

While roller racing in general can use any type of bicycle and there are variations on the set-up depending on the type of rollers used and whether the front wheel is engaged or fixed, goldsprints generally use one form of setup. As with roller racing in general, the rollers are in turn attached to a device that measures distance and can display the progress of the riders. Goldsprints also feature modern 2D and 3D visualizations.

Roller racing has a long history going back to the beginning of cycling, however Goldsprints are closely related to bicycle messenger culture. It began in Zurich, Switzerland during the 1999 Cycle Messenger World Championships. GoldSprints organizers, Mike Dee and Hodari De Palm debuted their current set up at 2005's Cycle Messenger World Championships in New York City and expanded to six American cities: NYC, Philly, DC, Boston, Baltimore, and Las Vegas. They created the first GoldSprints Series, which was started Halloween 2006 in New York City.


OpenSprints is not just a piece of software but a whole system consisting of software, electronics, A/V and stock bicycle components. Users are encouraged to read the guides in our wiki to learn about how to put together the entire system. But one step is to get the software working:

  1. Get / shoes for your platform.

  2. Get our latest code.

  3. write your configuration file, using config-sample.yml as a guide. You may use “mock” as your sensor type to run opensprints in demo mode (i.e. without a bike attached).

  4. open “opensprints.rb” with shoes.

Going Further

  • read our wiki.

  • follow our blog for news about kits and events in your area.

  • buy rollers and electronics kits at our store

  • sign up for our forum to share tips on running events.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

OpenSprints has an aggressively liberal commit policy. If you follow or fork the project on github, we'll add you the project's collaborators list.

If you're intereseted in learning more about the structure of this application to modify, extend or fork it, read our API docs:

Copyright © 2009 Alex Rakoczy, Evan Farrar, Luke Orland, Morgan Venable, Morgan R. Allen, Jamie Howard, Jonathan Morrison and Michael Wozniak. See LICENSE for details.