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GeoBlacklight is a world-class discovery platform for geospatial (GIS) holdings. It is an open collaborative project aiming to build off of the successes of the Blacklight Solr-powered discovery interface and the multi-institutional OpenGeoportal and OpenGeoMetadata federated metadata sharing communities. We're actively looking for community input and development partners.


In order to create a new GeoBlacklight application from the template, run the following:

$ DISABLE_SPRING=1 rails new app-name -m

To launch app:

$ cd app-name
$ rake geoblacklight:server

Note that this method launches an application that does not have any fixture records to be examined. You may want to launch a test application that has fixture data loaded into a Solr core. If so, refer to the development guide. For further information on installing a blank app, see the installation guide


Interested in contributing to GeoBlacklight? Please see our contributing guide.


See the development guide on our wiki for more information about setting up your development environment.

Please see the full documentation hosted on our Wiki