ROSETTA-CODE side by Side

this tool is based on the work of by fiatjaf.

It do same thing, but try to be workable with slow device, like smartphone or tablette... ( make a big page with all code for two langage !)

Here, user choose the 2 langs, then he can choose one task in a list of tasks.

So it parse the rosetta-code site, create a static SQLITE database, and provide a web-server for consulting the database online (ASAP).


Very simple

admin.rb : scan the rosetta-code site, generate a file database and/or a sqlite database, test tool for consulting the database :

  • ruby admin scan # Crawle rosetta-ode site, generate a ascii-file (90MB)
  • ruby admin gen # Use the ascii file for generate sqlite database
  • ruby fileserver # Run a httpd server on :9899 for inspect the ascii-file content
  • ruby sqlserver # Run a httpd server on :9899 for inspect the database

sinatra.rb sinatra server for a prety site (to be done...)


gem install nokogiri, sqlite3, nokogiri, femtows


  • A public web site
  • Distinction beetwen rare langage and very used one
  • Distinction between technical task and math task