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Index as Blog

Render your index page as a set of posts. The post has two main options: title and body.

ruby index as: :blog do title :my_title # Calls #my_title on each resource body :my_body # Calls #my_body on each resource end

Post Title

The title is the content that will be rendered within a link to the resource. There are two main ways to set the content for the title

First, you can pass in a method to be called on your resource. For example:

ruby index as: :blog do title :a_method_to_call end

Second, you can pass a block to the tile option which will then be used as the contents of the title. The resource being rendered is passed in to the block. For Example:

ruby index as: :blog do title do |post| span post.title, class: 'title' span post.created_at, class: 'created_at' end end

Post Body

The body is rendered underneath the title of each post. The same two style of options work as the Post Title above.

Call a method on the resource as the body:

ruby index as: :blog do title :my_title body :my_body end

Or, render a block as the body:

ruby index as: :blog do title :my_title body do |post| div truncate post.title div class: 'meta' do span "Post in #{post.categories.join(', ')}" end end end