CLI tool to easily manage projects using semver and automate menial version raising.


When working on a project with version management, increasing a version is a mundane, boring task. It might consist of as much as following steps:

  • modify VERSION file

  • modify package file version

  • update changelog (e.g. if using keepachangelog move unreleased to this version, start new unreleased, update footnote)

  • create a commit

  • tag a commit

  • double check previous steps, because you might have forgotten any of them

Which is exhausting. If following any standards at all, like semver, keepachagnelog etc, it does not require any human input, but to decide which version to increase.


In root of project directory, choose which version (from semver) to bump, and supply it as a sole argument.

vump <major|minor|patch>
You can use any discriminative prefixes such as maj, min, or even ma, mi and p.

What it does

The program loads all modules, each being responsible for a single file it understands. Each module checks if the file exists and if so, it will read the last version. The versions across modules must match and are bumped as desired and written back into files.

After all file modules are done, git module adds all modified files and creates a tagged commit, if git is used in the project.

As the interface implies, your project must follow the semver specifiaction.


vump --version

Print program version

vump --verbose patch, vump -v patch

Print debug logs

vump --silent patch, vump -s patch

Print only warning and error logs