Git-Lighttp - Web smarty for Git

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This project was inspired in the Grack Smart-HTTP server handler (written by Scott Chacon) but developed using Sinatra and aims replace the original `git-http-backend` including new features.

The main goal of the Git-Lighttp is implement the following useful features.

  • Smart-HTTP, based on git-http-backend.

  • Authentication flexible based on database or configuration file like .htpasswd.

  • API to get information about repository (Treeish).


Install the Git-Lighttp using Rubygems.

gem install git-lighttp

Or checkout the project hosted on Github.

git clone
cd git-lighttp
rake install

Configure the Rackup file ( using the following instructions:

require "git/lighttp"

Git::Lighttp::HttpBackend.configure do |server|
  server.project_root = "/home/git/repositories"
  server.git_path     = "/usr/bin/git"
  server.get_any_file = true
  server.upload_pack  = true
  server.receive_pack = false
  server.authenticate = true

$ rackup --port 2011 --daemonize
$ git clone http://localhost:2011/mycode.git

You can use the .netrc for improve your connection. Put this:

machine <host> login <username> password <password>

The Git-Lighttp is under development, so there are still many improvements to be made. Please, help us to improve the project sending your feedback to issues or sending email to [email protected].

Discuss in Google Groups.


Written by Hallison Batista <[email protected]>.


If you find a bug, please report it at the Git-Lighttp project's issues tracker on Github.


Git-Lighttp is Copyright © 2011-2015 Hallison Batista.

This is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in LICENSE.txt.