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Returns a jar that'll automatically set the assigned cookies to the top level domain, regardless of if there is a subdomain present or not. Example:

cookies.encypted[:encrypted_cookie] = "you don't know what this says"# => Set-Cookie: LSuus8pkXd...ckqiG6qGlwuhSQn--4Eb16w1z7ouNXQZAxV5Bjw==; path=/; expires=Sun, 27-Mar-2011 03:24:16 GMT

This jar allows chaining with other jars as well, so you can set tld, signed cookies. Examples:

cookies.permanent.encypted[:encrypted_permanent] = "you don't know what this says, but it will be here for 20 years"# => Set-Cookie: Sok2G6hGs...XFeUpDWQLT8=--UZe+JlZPlMuxHYSq09oV0w==; path=/; expires=Thu, 27 Mar 2031 13:48:43 GMT

To read encypted cookies:

cookies.encrypted[:encrypted_cookie] # => "you don't know what this says"
cookies.encrypted[:encrypted_permanent] # => "you don't know what this says, but it will be here for 20 years"

# File 'lib/encrypted-cookies/cookie_jar.rb', line 18

def encrypted
  @encrypted ||=, @secret)