HPE 3PAR Cookbook for Chef

The hpe3par cookbook manages HPE 3PAR storage arrays by using the HPE3PARClient ruby SDK. The HPE3PARClient interacts with the 3PAR storage arrays over http/https through the WSAPI REST service hosted on the array.

This cookbook is not intended to include any recipes. Use it by creating a new cookbook and specifying a dependency on this cookbook in your metadata. Then use any of the resources provided by this cookbook.

Note: The cookbook name is 'hpe3par'. If you want to directly use from source, you need to rename the directory to hpe3par from hpe3par_cookbook in order to use the resources.


  • 3PAR OS - 3.2.2MU4, 3.3.1 MU1
  • Ruby - 2.4.1 or higher.
  • Chef - 12.1 or higher.
  • WSAPI service should be enabled on the 3PAR storage array.


Add the following line to the metadata.rb file of your cookbook

 # my_cookbook/metadata.rb
 depends 'hpe3par'

Now, you can utilize the hpe3par cookbook resources in your recipes, for ex:

Creating a Virtual Volume

hpe3par_volume node['hpe3par']['virtual_volume']['name'] do
  storage_system node['hpe3par']['storage_system']
  cpg node['hpe3par']['virtual_volume']['cpg']
  size node['hpe3par']['virtual_volume']['size']
  size_unit node['hpe3par']['virtual_volume']['size_unit']
  type node['hpe3par']['virtual_volume']['type']
  action :create

HPE 3PAR Connection settings

The connection settings for connecting to a 3PAR array are defined through attributes. Every hpe3ar resource has a storage_system attribute which represents the connection to the 3PAR array. The attribute definition for this is as follows:

node['hpe3par']['storage_system'] = {
    name: 'SRA_205',
    ip: '',
    user: '3par_user',
    password: 'password'


These are intended as samples/reference only and can be found in the recipes folder. These recipes list out all of the actions for each resource.

  • hpe3par::clone
  • hpe3par::cpg
  • hpe3par::flash_cache
  • hpe3par::host
  • hpe3par::host_set
  • hpe3par::qos
  • hpe3par::snapshot
  • hpe3par::virtual_volume
  • hpe3par::vlun
  • hpe3par::volume_set




  • create_offline: Default action.
  • create_online
  • delete
  • resync
  • stop

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • base_volume_name: String (Required)
  • clone_name: String (Required)
  • dest_cpg: String
  • online: Boolean
  • read_only: Boolean
  • tpvv: Boolean
  • tdvv: Boolean
  • snap_cpg: String
  • skip_zero: Boolean
  • compression: Boolean
  • save_snapshot: Boolean
  • priority: String, Defaults to "MEDIUM".



  • create: Default action.
  • delete

Attribute Parameters

  • cpg_name: String (Required)
  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • domain: String
  • growth_increment: Float, Defaults to -1.0.
  • growth_increment_unit: String, Defaults to "GiB".
  • growth_limit: Float, Defaults to -1.0.
  • growth_limit_unit: String, Defaults to "GiB".
  • growth_warning: Float, Defaults to -1.0.
  • growth_warning_unit: String, Defaults to "GiB".
  • raid_type: String
  • set_size: Integer, Defaults to -1.
  • high_availability: String
  • disk_type: String



  • create: Default action.
  • delete

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • size_in_gib: Integer (Required)
  • mode: Integer



  • create: Default action.
  • add_fc_path_to_host
  • add_initiator_chap
  • add_iscsi_path_to_host
  • add_target_chap
  • delete
  • modify
  • remove_fc_path_from_host
  • remove_initiator_chap
  • remove_iscsi_path_from_host
  • remove_target_chap

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • host_name: String (Required)
  • domain: String, Defaults to nil.
  • fc_wwns: Array, Defaults to nil.
  • iscsi_names: Array, Defaults to nil.
  • persona: String
  • new_name: String, Defaults to nil.
  • force_path_removal: Boolean, Defaults to nil.
  • chap_name: String, Defaults to nil.
  • chap_secret: String, Defaults to nil.
  • chap_secret_hex: Boolean, Defaults to nil.



  • create: Default action.
  • add_host
  • delete
  • remove_host

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • host_set_name: String (Required)
  • domain: String, Defaults to nil.
  • setmembers: Array, Defaults to nil.



  • create: Default action.
  • delete
  • modify

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • qos_target_name: String (Required)
  • type: String
  • priority: String, Defaults to "LOW".
  • bwmin_goal_kb: Integer, Defaults to -1.
  • bwmax_limit_kb: Integer, Defaults to -1.
  • iomin_goal: Integer, Defaults to -1.
  • iomax_limit: Integer, Defaults to -1.
  • bwmin_goal_op: String
  • bwmax_limit_op: String
  • iomin_goal_op: String
  • iomax_limit_op: String
  • latency_goal: Integer
  • default_latency: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • enable: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • latency_goal_usecs: Integer



  • create: Default action.
  • delete
  • modify
  • restore_offline
  • restore_online

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • snapshot_name: String (Required)
  • base_volume_name: String
  • read_only: Boolean
  • expiration_time: Integer
  • retention_time: Integer
  • expiration_unit: String, Defaults to "Hours".
  • retention_unit: String, Defaults to "Hours".
  • expiration_hours: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • retention_hours: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • online: Boolean
  • priority: String, Defaults to "MEDIUM".
  • allow_remote_copy_parent: Boolean
  • new_name: String
  • snap_cpg: String
  • rm_exp_time: Boolean



  • create: Default action.
  • change_snap_cpg
  • change_user_cpg
  • convert_type
  • delete
  • grow
  • modify
  • set_snap_cpg

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • volume_name: String (Required)
  • cpg: String
  • size: Float
  • size_unit: String, Defaults to "GiB".
  • type: String, Defaults to "thin".
  • snap_cpg: String
  • compression: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • keep_vv: String
  • new_name: String
  • wait_for_task_to_end: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • ss_spc_alloc_warning_pct: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • ss_spc_alloc_limit_pct: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • rm_ss_spc_alloc_warning: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • usr_spc_alloc_warning_pct: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • usr_spc_alloc_limit_pct: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • rm_usr_spc_alloc_warning: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • expiration_hours: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • retention_hours: Integer, Defaults to 0.
  • rm_exp_time: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • rm_ss_spc_alloc_limit: Boolean, Defaults to false.
  • rm_usr_spc_alloc_limit: Boolean, Defaults to false.



  • export_volume_to_host: Default action.
  • export_volume_to_hostset
  • export_volumeset_to_host
  • export_volumeset_to_hostset
  • unexport_volume_to_host
  • unexport_volume_to_hostset
  • unexport_volumeset_to_host
  • unexport_volumeset_to_hostset

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • volume_name: String (Required)
  • lunid: Integer
  • volumeset_name: String
  • hostset_name: String
  • host_name: String
  • node_val: Integer
  • slot: Integer
  • card_port: Integer
  • autolun: Boolean, Defaults to true.



  • create: Default action.
  • add_volume
  • delete
  • remove_volume

Attribute Parameters

  • storage_system: Hash (Required)
  • volume_set_name: String (Required)
  • domain: String
  • setmembers: Array

Feature Requests

If you have a need that is not met by the current implementation, please let us know by creating a new issue.

How to contribute

  1. Fork the repository on Github
  2. Create a named feature branch (like add_resource_x)
  3. Write your change
  4. Write tests for your change (if applicable)
  5. Run the tests, ensuring they all pass
  6. Submit a Pull Request using Github

Note: HPE reserves the right to reject changes do not fit the scope of this project, so for feature additions, please open an issue to discuss your ideas before doing the work.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see LICENSE for more info

Maintainer: Hewlett Packard Enterprise ([email protected])