Foreman M2

The Foreman M2 plugin introduces M2 functionality into Foreman. This is currently in-progress. Related:


  • TFTP & DHCP servers
  • Smart-Proxy plugin that has M2 among its capabilities (see link above)
  • Note: In 0.0.1 & 0.0.2, ensure that the M2 smart proxy is called "proxy_m2". This will be addressed in the next release.
  • Working M2 installation with images imported to the M2 project in use
  • Currently supports M2 commit 5b93852d3d1e73deecfa162fdc0b833ae84eb5a5


See How_to_Install_a_Plugin for how to install Foreman plugins

Be sure to run rake db:seed to seed the database.


1) Create an M2 compute resource 2) Relate M2 provisioning templates to the M2 computer resource 3) Create M2 images in the M2 compute resource NOTE: For now, ensure that the entered image name matches the one in the drop-down menu. 4) Create host using M2 provider Note: make sure to select "Network & Image Based" provisioning method.


  • ~~Query for M2 smart proxy by some method other than its name~~
    • Fixed in 0.0.2
  • Testing
  • Disk management interface in Foreman

Known issues

  • SSH orchestration attempts after host creation sometimes delay the generation of PXE boot files if there aren't enough server workers
    • Try 5 workers


Fork and send a Pull Request. Thanks!

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