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A simple Plain Old Ruby Object wrapper for geocoding with Google Maps.


Add GoogleMapsGeocoder to your Gemfile and run bundle:

ruby gem 'google_maps_geocoder'

Or try it out in irb with:

ruby require './lib/google_maps_geocoder/google_maps_geocoder'

Ready to Go in One Step

ruby chez_barack = '1600 Pennsylvania DC'


Get the complete, formatted address:

ruby chez_barack.formatted_address => "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, President's Park, Washington, DC 20500, USA"

…standardized name of the city:

ruby => "Washington"

…full name of the state or region:

ruby chez_barack.state_long_name => "District of Columbia"

…standard abbreviation for the state/region:

ruby chez_barack.state_short_name => "DC"


The complete, hopefully self-explanatory, API is:

  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#city
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#country_long_name
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#country_short_name
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#county
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#exact_match?
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#formatted_address
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#formatted_street_address
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#lat
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#lng
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#partial_match?
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#postal_code
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#state_long_name
  • GoogleMapsGeocoder#state_short_name

Google Maps API Key (Optional)

To have GoogleMapsGeocoder use your Google Maps API key, set it as an environment variable:

bash export GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY=[your key]

Contributing to GoogleMapsGeocoder

Copyright © 2011-2018 Roderick Monje. See LICENSE.txt for further details.