This repository is nearly oboslete. There is an *official* EY API client available here: github.com/engineyard/engineyard-cloud-client

The official API client has some better methods for finding records, will be better supported, and should contain most of the functionality of this repository.



… will usually be as simple as:

gem install engineyard-api

Or, if you downloaded the archive:

gem build engineyard-api
gem install engineyard-api-<version>

Usage & examples

Listing instances

require 'engineyard-api'
ey = EngineyardAPI.new(key: "API_KEY")
environment = ey.environment_by_name("Production")
environment.instances.each do |instance|
  puts instance.id
Multiple Accounts
require 'engineyard-api'
ey = Engineyard.new("API_KEY")
account1_environment = ey.("Account1").environments.first
account2_environment = ey.(1234).environment_by_name("production")
 = ey.accounts.last.environment_by_id(4567)