Devise MailChimp

Devise MailChimp adds a MailChimp option to devise that easily enables users to join your mailing list when they create an account.

Delayed Job is used automatically if your project uses it, and the mapping between list names and list ids is cached automatically.

Getting started

In your Gemfile, add devise_mailchimp after devise:

gem "devise"
gem "devise_mailchimp"  # Last officially released gem

In your User model, add :mailchimp to the devise call and make :join_mailing_list accessible:

devise :database_authenticatable, ..., :mailchimp
attr_accessible :join_mailing_list

In your devise initializer (config/initializers/devise.rb), set your API key and mailing list name:

Devise.mailchimp_api_key = 'your_api_key'
Devise.mailing_list_name = 'List Name'
Devise.double_opt_in = false  
Devise.send_welcome_email = false

If you are using the default Devise registration views, the Join Mailing List checkbox is added automatically, if not, either include the form partial in your new registration form:

<%= render :partial => "devise/shared/mailchimp/form", :locals => {:form => f} %>

Or manually add a “Join Mailing List” checkbox to your new registration form:

<%= form.check_box :join_mailing_list %>

If you are using Simple Form, you can use:

<%= f.input :join_mailing_list, :as => :boolean %>


Create an initializer, and set your MailChimp API key. To generate a new API key, go to the account tab in your MailChimp account and select API Keys & Authorized Apps, then add a key.

Devise.mailchimp_api_key = 'your_api_key'

Create a mailing list, and set the mailing list name in the initializer. To create a MailChimp list, from your account go to the Lists tab, then hit create list.

Devise.mailing_list_name = 'List Name'

Add options from the MailChimp API Docs using the following code in user.rb model. For GROUPINGS, you can get the Group ID by clicking “import to” and looking at the URL

def mailchimp_list_subscribe_options
  {'FNAME' => self.first_name, 'LNAME' => self.last_name, 'GROUPINGS'=> { 0 => {'id' => 9999, 'groups' => "Signed Up" } } }

For all the configuration settings, take a look at the model documenation.


Full documentation is available at

Demo Application

A demo application is available at github.

Example Usage

Users will join the default mailing list if join_mailing_list is set to true when the user is created. To manually add a user:

User.find(1).add_to_mailchimp_list('Site Administrators List')

To manually remove a user:

User.find(1).remove_from_mailchimp_list('Site Administrators List')

NOTE: You MUST have the users permission to add them to a mailing list.


To have the user join more than one list, or to override the lists that the user will join, override mailchimp_lists_to_join in your model. Your method should return a single list, or an array of lists.

def mailchimp_lists_to_join
  lists = ["Site Users List"]
  lists << "Site Admins List" if admin?
  return lists

If all users will join the same list or lists, just set the mailing_list_name configuration option.


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