Website monitoring

website monitoring homepage with video tutorials!

Key features

  • User friendly
  • Platform independent
  • Runs as a standalone Java application
  • Monitor single web page, pages in sitemap and even your whole web site using spider
  • Check not only HTTP result codes, but also page contents; Can specify HTTP header for web page request;
  • Find broken links on your website
  • Microservice (REST APIs) monitoring - XML (using XPath and XSD) and JSON (using JSONPath)
  • Periodic checking (built-in cron mechanism)
  • Email notifications
  • Statistics

To login use these credentials: username = admin, password = admin

Standalone application (with HSQL database)

Just download latest ZIP file. Extract and run: startup.bat (Linux and Mac are also supported)

Note for developers: to build the application run: mvn clean package

How to build binary distribution: mvn clean install

Development (with embedded HSQL database)

To run in development mode run this class: net.sf.sitemonitoring.Main
with these VM arguments: -Ddbport=9001 -Dserver.port=8081

My server:


mvn clean package -P myserver

run (with postgresql server):

java -jar -Dlog4j.debug -Dlog4j.configuration=file:/hosting/sitemonitoring/ sitemonitoring.war --server.port=TODO_PORT --spring.datasource.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/TODO_DB_NAME --spring.datasource.username=TODO_USERNAME --spring.datasource.password=TODO_PASSWORD --spring.datasource.hikari.maximumPoolSize=3