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Started as a Google Summer of Code 2008 project

Written by Kanwei Li, mentored by Austin Ziegler

Original Proposal:

Using the right data structure or algorithm for the situation is an important aspect of programming. In computer science literature, many data structures and algorithms have been researched and extensively documented. However, there is still no standard library in Ruby implementing useful structures and algorithms like Red/Black Trees, tries, different sorting algorithms, etc. This project will create such a library with documentation on when to use a particular structure/algorithm. It will also come with a benchmark suite to compare performance in different situations.


* Heaps              Containers::Heap, Containers::MaxHeap, Containers::MinHeap
* Priority Queue     Containers::PriorityQueue
* Deque              Containers::Deque, Containers::CDeque (C ext)
* Stack              Containers::Stack
* Queue              Containers::Queue
* Red-Black Trees    Containers::RBTreeMap, Containers::CRBTreeMap (C ext)
* Splay Trees        Containers::SplayTreeMap, Containers::CSplayTreeMap (C ext)
* Tries              Containers::Trie
* Suffix Array       Containers::SuffixArray

* Search algorithms
  - Binary Search            Algorithms::Search.binary_search
  - Knuth-Morris-Pratt       Algorithms::Search.kmp_search
* Sorting algorithms           
  - Bubble sort              Algorithms::Sort.bubble_sort
  - Comb sort                Algorithms::Sort.comb_sort
  - Selection sort           Algorithms::Sort.selection_sort
  - Heapsort                 Algorithms::Sort.heapsort
  - Insertion sort           Algorithms::Sort.insertion_sort
  - Shell sort               Algorithms::Sort.shell_sort
  - Quicksort                Algorithms::Sort.quicksort
  - Mergesort                Algorithms::Sort.mergesort
  - Dual-Pivot Quicksort     Algorithms::Sort.dualpivotquicksort


require 'rubygems'
require 'algorithms'

max_heap =

# To not have to type "Containers::" before each class, use:
include Containers
max_heap =


  • Ruby 1.8, Ruby 1.9, JRuby
  • C extensions (optional, but very much recommended for vast performance benefits)