Module: Stupidedi::TransactionSets::Common::Implementations::ElementReqs

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  • 2.2 Implementation Usage

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Required =

Declares that this element must always be sent. Required elements within Situational segments when the segment occurs.

Similarly, required component elements within situational composite elements only occur when the composite element occurs.,  false, "R")
Situational =

Use of this element varies, depending on data content and business context as described in the defining rule. The defining rule is documented in a Situational Rule attached to the element.

There are two forms of Situational Rules. The first is "Required when . If not required by , the element may be provided at the discretion of the sender, but it cannot be required or requested by the receiver.'

The other form is "Required when . If not required by , do not send". The element described by the rule cannot occur except when the condition holds., false, "S")
NotUsed =

This element must never be sent., true,  "N")