Install Binary Package


You need to install Oracle client in advance. If you don't have installed Oracle client, install instant client. Only the Basic or Basic Lite package is needed to use ruby-oci8. However it is better to install SQL*Plus also because it is usable to check whether a problem is in Oracle setting or in ruby-oci8.

Run the following command to install ruby-oci8.

gem install ruby-oci8

If you uses mswin32 ruby, use the following command instead.

gem install --platform x86-mingw32 ruby-oci8
gem install --platform x64-mingw32 ruby-oci8

Other platforms

We doesn't make binary gems for other platforms. If you need to distribute a binary gem, compile ruby-oci8 and run the following command.

gem build ruby-oci8.gemspec -- current

Note that you need to compile it on the oldest versions of the platform you support and for the oldest versions of the Oracle databases.

If you could not fix the Oracle versions, compile ruby-oci8 and make a gem as follows:

gzip -dc ruby-oci8-VERSION.tar.gz | tar xvf -
cd ruby-oci8-VERSION
ruby setup.rb config -- --with-runtime-check
gem build ruby-oci8.gemspec -- current

When the option --with-runtime-check is set, ruby-oci8 checks the Oracle version and available OCI functions at runtime.