Report Installation Issues

Look at platform-specific-issues and the issues page on github to check whether your issue is fixed or not.

If it is a new one, post the following information to github.

  • Messages printed out to the console

  • gem_make.out if you install a gem

  • Last 100 lines of 'ext/oci8/mkmf.log'

    Get them as follows.

     tail -100 ext/oci8/mkmf.log
  • The results of the following commands:

     file `which ruby`
     ruby --version
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['host']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['CC']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['CFLAGS']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LDSHARED']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LDFLAGS']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['DLDLAGS']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['LIBS']"
     ruby -r rbconfig -e "p RbConfig::CONFIG['GNU_LD']"
     # if you use gcc,
     gcc --print-prog-name=ld
     gcc --print-prog-name=as
     # Oracle full client
     file $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle
     # Oracle Instant client. You need to change INSTANT_CLIENT_DIRECTORY.
     file INSTANT_CLIENT_DIRECTORY/libclntsh.*
     echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
     echo $LIBPATH              # AIX
     echo $SHLIB_PATH           # HP-UX PA-RISC 32-bit ruby
     echo $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH    # Mac OS X
     echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH_32   # Solaris 32-bit ruby
     echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64   # Solaris 64-bit ruby