Ruby-ODPI is a ruby interface for Oracle Database based on ODPI-C.

Ruby-ODPI consists of the following two layers currently.

  • High-level API - easy-to-use API based on the following layer.
  • Low-level API - straightforward binding of ODPI-C functions.

The low-level API may be merged into the high-level API after the author understand ODPI-C enough.


  • High-level API - In development
  • Low-level API - In development

Supported versions

  • Ruby 2.3.0 and later
  • Oracle client 11.2 and later
  • Oracle server 9.2 and later (depending on Oracle client version)



Ruby-ODPI itself is under 2-clause BSD-style license.

The license of documentation comments about the low-level API is same with ODPI-C because most of them were copied from ODPI-C documents.

ODPI-C bundled in Ruby-ODPI is under the terms of:

  1. the Universal Permissive License v 1.0 or at your option, any later version; and/or
  2. the Apache License v 2.0.