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The class Jini helps you build an XPATH.

require 'jini'
xpath =
  .add_node('parent') # addition a path node
  .add_node('child') # addition a path node 
  .add_attr('key', 'value') # addition an attribute
  .remove_node('child') # removes node
  .to_s # convert it to a string
puts(xpath) # -> xpath: /parent[@key="value"]

The full list of methods is here.

Install it:

$ gem install jini

Or add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'jini'

Pay attention, it is not a parser. The only functionality this gem provides is building XPATHs.

New features requests

If you find an error, or you want to add new functionality, just create a new Issue and describe what happened, also try to add/fix something and send pull request.