Wechat Pay

A simple Wechat pay ruby gem, without unnecessary magic or wrapper. Just a simple wrapper for api V3. Refer to wx_pay

Please read official document first: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/apiv3_partner/pages/index.shtml

If you want check the present public api, you can find them in the Document


WechatPay::Direct will contain the public api for direct connection merchant(直连商户)and WechatPay::Ecommerce will contain the public api for ecommerce(服务商,电商平台)。For more detail you can refer to the wechat document.

If you find any issue in this repo, don't shy to create issues https://github.com/lanzhiheng/wechat-pay/issues

For more Information,you can check my posts: https://www.lanzhiheng.com/posts/preview/ruby-gem-for-wechat-pay-v3


Add this line to your Gemfile:

gem 'wechat-pay'

or development version

gem 'wechat-pay', :github => 'lanzhiheng/wechat-pay'

And then execute:

$ bundle



Create config/initializer/wechat_pay.rband put following configurations into it

WechatPay.apiclient_key = File.read('apiclient_key.pem')
WechatPay.platform_cert = File.read('platform_cert.pem') # You should comment this line before downloaded platform_cert.
WechatPay.apiclient_cert = File.read('apiclient_cert.pem')
WechatPay.app_id = 'Your App Id'
WechatPay.mch_id = 'Your Mch Id'
WechatPay.mch_key = 'Your Mch Key'


I will provide a simple script for you to download the platform_cert

def download_certificate
  download_path = 'Your Download Path'
  raise '必须提供证书下载路径' if download_path.blank?

  response = WechatPay::Ecommerce.certificates

  raise '证书下载失败' unless response.code == 200

  result = JSON.parse(response.body)
  # 需要按生效日期进行排序,获取最新的证书
  array = result['data'].sort_by { |item| -Time.parse(item['effective_time']).to_i }
  current_data = array.first
  encrypt_certificate = current_data['encrypt_certificate']
  associated_data = encrypt_certificate['associated_data']
  nonce = encrypt_certificate['nonce']
  ciphertext = encrypt_certificate['ciphertext']

  content = WechatPay::Sign.decrypt_the_encrypt_params(
    associated_data: associated_data,
    nonce: nonce,
    ciphertext: ciphertext

  File.open(download_path, 'w') do |f|

  puts '证书下载成功'