Class: Eventbox::ExternalProc

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Wrapper for Proc objects created external or in the action scope of some Eventbox instance.

External Proc objects can be invoked from event scope by #call_async. It can be called within sync_call and yield_call methods and from #sync_proc and #yield_proc closures. The proc then runs in the background on the thread that called the event scope method in execution.

It's also possible to invoke it within a async_call or #async_proc, when the method or proc that brought the external proc into the event scope, is a yield call that didn't return yet. In this case the proc runs in the background on the thread that is waiting for the yield call to return.

Optionally a proc can be provided as the last argument which acts as a completion callback. This proc is invoked, when the call has finished, with the result value as argument.

class Callback < Eventbox
  sync_call def init(&block)
    # invoke the block given to
    # and when completed, print the result of the block
    block.call_async 5, ->(res){ p res }
end {|num| num + 1 }    # Output: 6

External Proc objects can also be passed to action or to external scope. In this case a ExternalProc is unwrapped back to the ordinary Proc object.

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