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Simple timer services for Eventboxes

This module can be included into Eventbox classes to add simple timer functions.

class MyBox < Eventbox
  include Eventbox::Timer

  async_call def init
    super     # Make sure Timer#init is called
    timer_after(1) do
      puts "one second elapsed"
end     # Schedule the alarm after 1 sec
sleep 2       # Wait for the timer to be triggered

The main functions are timer_after and timer_every. They schedule asynchronous calls to the given block:

timer_after(3.0) do
  # executed once after 3 seconds

timer_every(1.5) do
  # executed repeatedly every 1.5 seconds

Both functions return an Alarm object which can be used to cancel the alarm through timer_cancel.

Timer always uses one action thread per Eventbox object, regardless of the number of scheduled timers. All alarms are called from this thread. timer_after, timer_every and timer_cancel can be used within the event scope, in actions and from external scope. Alarms defined within the event scope must be non-blocking, as any other code in the event scope. Alarms defined in action or external scope should also avoid blocking code, otherwise one alarm can delay the next alarm.

Note: Each object that includes the Timer module must be explicit terminated by #shutdown!. It is (currently) not freed by the garbarge collector.

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Classes: Alarm, InternalError, OneTimeAlarm, Reload, RepeatedAlarm

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