IronWorker and DocRaptor Example

An example how to combine DocRaptor's async feature and IronWorker.


  1. Send html to DocRaptor using the asynchronous job feature.
  2. In return, we get a status_id
  3. Send status_id, receiver's name, email and title of document to an IronWorker worker
  4. The worker polls DocRaptor with status_id until document is ready for download
  5. Download pdf from DocRaptor
  6. Create a nice email, attach pdf and send


  • An account and project with
  • An account with DocRaptor
  • Email credentials: user, password, smtp-host, port and sender. Works well with GMail.


  1. Clone or Fork this repo
  2. Create a free account with
  3. Enter your Hud and create a project
  4. Get your credentials by clicking on the litte key
  5. Edit iron.json and put in your credentials
  6. Signup for an api-key at DocRaptor
  7. Put your api-key in config.json - DOCRAPTOR_TOKEN
  8. Put your mail credentials in config.json
  9. ./deploy
  10. ./enqueue_pdf --to [email protected] --name 'The Architect'

In the wild

We, Upptec, use this in Rails by rendering to string and sending to DocRaptor

# in a controller
respond_to do |format|
  format.html {render}
  format.pdf do
    document_content = render_to_string(layout: "pdf_document") # different layout for pdf
    ... # i.e. doing as in enqueue-file


Combining IronMQ with IronWorker using push queues and webhooks is a perfect combo for this scenario.

About Upptec

Upptec Assure is a software-as-a-service for valuation of everything that exists in a household - home electronics, furniture, clothes etc. Our customers are primarily insurance companies and we make between 150000 and 200000 valuations per year. Millions of calculations creates an unbiased basis for a fair valuation. The service enables quicker handling, increases efficiency and releases time for our customers.