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All the package managers

Big Features

  • Comprehensive Search
  • Alternative/Related Projects suggestions
  • Recommendation engine

Getting started

Install and run the deps

 brew install postgres elasticsearch rbenv ruby-build
 # run postgres & eleasticsearch

Perform the sacred ruby voodoo

 rbenv install 2.3.0
 gem install bundler
 rbenv rehash

Fight entropy with schemas

 rake db:create db:migrate
 rake projects:reindex

Go create a Personal access token on GitHub. Copy the token, for you will need it to pay the ferryman.

Lure rails into slurping down some data

 rails c
 irb> "<ure github token here>").save
 irb> Repositories::NPM.update "pictogram"
 irb> Repositories::Rubygems.update "split"
 irb> Repositories::Bower.update "sbteclipse"

I cannot take you any further. Offer up the magic flute to the spectral wolf, he will guide you onwards.

rails s