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ProductFields represent the near-complete schema for a Product in the context of the company of the authorized user. Each company can have a different schema for their Products, with various custom fields. In the context of using ProductFields as a schema for defining the data fields of a Product, it must be kept in mind that some types of custom fields can have additional data fields which are not separate ProductFields per se. Such is the case with monetary, daterange and timerange fields – each of these fields will have one additional data field in addition to the one presented in the context of ProductFields. For example, if there is a monetary field with the key 'ffk9s9' stored on the account, 'ffk9s9' would hold the numeric value of the field, and 'ffk9s9_currency' would hold the ISO currency code that goes along with the numeric value. To find out which data fields are available, fetch one Product and list its keys.