Notes on the migration to Rails 3.0.3

Current status:

  • Migration completed. There are still some issues, but the app core is functional.


  • Plugin rails_upgrade was used to get some directions.

  • Plugin rails_rcov not used anymore. Now using a simpler solution:

  • attachment_fu installed as plugins from a fork compatible with rails 3.

  • Other plugins now used as gems:

    • fckeditor

    • exception_notification => exception_notification_rails3

    • simple_captcha (from git://

    • will_paginate (not mislav-will_paginate anymore)

    • action_mailer_optional_tls not used anymore in favor of action_mailer_tls

    • permalink_fu

  • Now using Rspec 2. Installed as gem, not as plugin anymore.

  • Using ffaker instead of faker (as gem).

  • Corrected lots of deprecated behaviors:

    • RAILS_ROOT => Rails.root (except for plugins)

    • named_scope => scope

    • update_on_* arg => update arg :on => *

    • after_* and before_*

    • and many others

  • PDF creation was disable, see TODO list.

  • Plugin station was also migrated to Rails 3 / Ruby 1.9. Needed several changes, it should be better tested.

  • Plugin translate installed from git://

    • rails plugin install git:// -r rails-3