Gibberish - A ruby encryption library


Note: It's 2017 and if you're looking for a modern and actively maintained Ruby encryption library you should do yourself a favor and check out RbNaCl. Gibberish was started in 2011 when encryption on Ruby was not a trivial matter, however thanks to projects like NaCl and LibSodium that's no longer the case.

NOTICE: Breaking Changes in 2.0

Checkout the Changelog for a full list of changes in 2.0


  • AES encryption should have sensible defaults
  • AES should be interoperable with SJCL for browser based decryption/encryption
  • Simple API for HMAC/Digests
  • Targets more recent versions of Ruby(>=2.0) with better OpenSSL support


Ruby 2.0 or later, compiled with OpenSSL support


gem install gibberish


AES encryption with sensible defaults:

  • 100,000 iterations of PBKDF2 password hardening
  • GCM mode with authentication
  • Ability to include authenticated data
  • Compatible with SJCL, meaning all ciphertext is decryptable in JS via SJCL


cipher ='p4ssw0rd')
cipher.encrypt("some secret text")# => Outputs a JSON string containing everything that needs to be saved for future decryption
# Example:
# '{"v":1,"adata":"","ks":256,"ct":"ay2varjSFUMUmtvZeh9755GVyCkWHG0/BglJLQ==","ts":96,"mode":"gcm",
# "cipher":"aes","iter":100000,"iv":"K4ZShCQGL3UZr78y","salt":"diDUzbc9Euo="}'


cipher ='p4ssw0rd')
cipher.decrypt('{"v":1,"adata":"","ks":256,"ct":"ay2varjSFUMUmtvZeh9755GVyCkWHG0/BglJLQ==","ts":96,"mode":"gcm","cipher":"aes","iter":100000,"iv":"K4ZShCQGL3UZr78y","salt":"diDUzbc9Euo="}')# => "some secret text"

Interoperability with SJCL (JavaScript - Browser/Node.js)

AES ciphertext from Gibberish is compatible with SJCL, a JavaScript library which works in the browser and Node.js

See the full docs for information on SJCL interoperability.

Gibberish 1.x Encryption (CBC)

Prior to Gibberish 2.0, the default encryption mode was CBC. You can still access this by calling it explicitly:

cipher ='p4ssw0rd')
cipher.encrypt("Some secret text")


Gibberish::HMAC256("password", "data")# => "cccf6f0334130a7010d62332c75b53e7d8cea715e52692b06e9cd41b05644be3"

See the full docs


Gibberish::MD5("somedata")#=> aefaf7502d52994c3b01957636a3cdd2

Gibberish::SHA1("somedata")#=> efaa311ae448a7374c122061bfed952d940e9e37

Gibberish::SHA224("somedata")#=> a39b86d838273f5ff4879c26f85e3cb333bb44d73b24f275bad1a6c6

Gibberish::SHA256("somedata")#=> 87d149cb424c0387656f211d2589fb5b1e16229921309e98588419ccca8a7362

Gibberish::SHA384("somedata")#=> b6800736973cc061e3efb66a34f8bda8fa946804c6cc4f26a6b9b3950211078801709d0d82707c569a07c8f63c804c87

Gibberish::SHA512("somedata")#=> a053441b6de662599ecb14c580d6637dcb856a66b2a40a952d39df772e47e98ea22f9e105b31463c5cf2472feae7649464fe89d99ceb6b0bc398a6926926f416

See the full docs

Run the tests

git clone
cd gibberish

Benchmarking AES with PBKDF2

make benchmark
# Change the PBKDF2 iterations
ITER=10000 make benchmark