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Downloads repositories from GitHub in parallel and symbolically links and/or creates a file to be sourced in your ~/.zshrc, ~/.bash_profile, ~/.config/fish/ or similar

how it works


just add source $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/ to your ~/.config/fish/

  • ./functions/*.fish are symbolically linked under ~/.config/fish/functions/
  • ./completions/*.fish are symbolically linked under ~/.config/fish/completions/
  • all other *.fish files' paths are written to: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/


just add source $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/dotstrap.zsh to your ~/.zshrc

  • *.zsh files' paths are written to: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/config.zsh
  • *.sh files' paths are written to: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/config.zsh


just add source $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/config.bash to your ~/.bash_profile or similar

  • *.bash files' paths are written to: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/config.bash
  • *.sh files' paths are written to: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/config.bash


gem install dotstrap or git clone and then rake install


ds install <github repo>

ds remove <github repo>

where <github repo> is repository slug like 'mkwmms/dotstrap-osx'

you can also install repos from a file like:

ds install -f FILE

where FILE is a list with the same syntax as <github repo>, each seperated by a new line. (lines starting with # are ignored)

ds list

run ds --help for a full list of commands


This is very much in alpha right now...

  • install config files from arbiturary URLs
  • list config files when running ds list <some repo>
  • add a mechanism to define what config files to load and where to put them, possibly through a YAML (or similar) config file at root of repo or via shell environment variables
  • add a mechanism to specify the load order of paths (the order in which the repo config files are added to dotstrap's config file) so that, for example, path.{sh,zsh,fish} is loaded first so that it can set up your $PATH before anything else
  • prompt user to let dotstrap automatically add the correct source $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dotstrap/dotstrap.X statement to the proper shell innitialization file

Copyright (c) 2015 William Myers. See LICENSE.txt for further details.