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Dark Blue ("Project Chipmunk")

A Preservation-Focused Dark Repository for the University of Michigan

The documentation can be found here

Building Documentation Locally is an external host for javadoc-style documentation of your project's modules, classes, and methods. It uses yard to build out the documentation directly from your source code. It works minimally on ruby codebases out of the box, and offers a comprehensive host of directives that can used in source code comments to further improve the product. updates automatically. You can compile and view the documentation locally by running bin/yard serve, then viewing it in a browser.


ReadTheDocs is a documentation host for those docs that are not specifically source code annotations. Typically, this will include high-level descriptions, workflows, reasoning, and those things that one usually finds in a README.

ReadTheDocs uses sphinx to build the documentation, and will do so automatically. You can compile and view the documentation locally. Note that this will require python to be installed; the version from your package manager is sufficient.

PlantUML Graphs

Both ReadTheDocs and the local sphinx instance can automatically draw graphs from text using PlantUML. Note that to build this locally, the command plantuml needs to be on your path.

Describing HTTP

This repository is configured with the addon httpdomain which can be used to effectively describe RESTful or other HTTP endpoints and APIs.


cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt
make auto
# Then view it with a browser