0.6.6 (2023-07-10)

Bug Fixes

  • Bump GoogleCloudPlatform/release-please-action from 2 to 3 (#120, #122) (3e804d4)

0.6.5 (2023-06-19)

Bug Fixes

0.6.4 (2023-06-19)

Bug Fixes

  • add test case for bfs_search_tree_from (fixes #99) (54f92e4)
  • Remove require of the file if already required (0ef2ce5)

Changelog from 0.5.10 to 0.6.3

See Releaselist in GitHub. From v0.6.4 on the Changelog is updated by release-please GitHub Action (Issue #101)

Changelog prior 0.5.9

2022-08 Release 0.5.9

Dan Čermák

  • Drop lazy priority queue (#64) (3b1db1)

2022-06 Release 0.5.8

Horst Duchene

  • switch to github actions (56030d)

2020-12 Release 0.5.7

Horst Duchene

  • Fully automate dev setup with Gitpod (41dd00)
  • Add Dockerfile to install graphviz (2bd738)
  • Examples do not call dotty (6bba96)
  • Add ruby license file (a21aa5) ujihisa [email protected]
  • Test against Ruby 2.6 and 2.7 as well (50ac7c)
  • Fix dead links (9184f3) Harry Lascelles [email protected]
  • Update .travis.yml (45b9a2)
  • Make the links more explicit (95dc3b) Harry Lascelles
  • Add explicit license to gemspec (de3647)

2019-01 Release 0.5.6

Artemy Kirienko

  • PR #42 Add method Graph#path?(u, v) to check if a path exists between two vertices Horst Duchene
  • Fix #47 set_to_begin for graph iterator (881aa8)

2019-01 Release 0.5.4

Lia Skalkos

  • Enable options to be passed to #write_to_graphic_file (4ca972). For details see PR #41 Horst Duchene
  • Fix travis-ci errors
  • Add new ruby versions
  • Fix gemspec errors
  • Fix lint warnings
  • Use version stream 0.5.2

2017-04 Release 0.5.3

Horst Duchene

  • Issue #38: Add error handling or dot functions. (719e38, 5a3423) Thomas Orozco
  • Remove Enumerable Extension (fde8a5)
  • Update to codeclimate-test-reporter 1.x (25fdb5) Mario Daskalov
  • Clarify that you need graphviz in the README (35a4b4)

2016-05 Release 0.5.2

Horst Duchene

  • Issue #21: Use new method vertex_id instead of object_id to identify vertices in dot export. (fa7592)
  • Integrate Code Climate's test coverage reporting (0ab722)
  • Clarify traversal order of DFS search (see #20). (afa788) Chase Gilliam
  • drop 1.9.3 add newer jruby and rubinius (fad333) Matías Battocchia
  • Switched to a different heap implementation. (bd7c13) gorn
  • Adding failing test for issue #24 (1f6204)

2015-12 Release 0.5.1

Horst Duchene

  • Changed edge sequence to match example picture (daa88e)


  • updated algorithms to 6.1 and added test unit to support newer rubies (fbd874)

Louis Rose

  • Fix #15. Use object IDs rather than labels to identify vertexs in DOT graph to ensure that distinct nodes that share a label are shown. (33206f, 4fc455)

2014-12 Release 0.5.0

Horst Duchene

  • Changed edge sequence to match example picture (daa88e)
  • Fixed comment (6a6c93)
  • Fixed spelling (7ca281) Horst Duchêne Chase
  • updated algorithms to 6.1 and added test unit to support newer rubies (fbd874) Louis Rose
  • Fix #15. Use object IDs rather than labels to identify vertexs in DOT graph to ensure that distinct nodes that share a label are shown. (33206f)
  • Issue #15. Fix tests. (4fc455)

2014-12 Release 0.5.0

Horst Duchene

  • Changed edge sequence to match example picture (daa88e)
  • Fixed comment (6a6c93)
  • Fixed spelling (7ca281) Chase
  • updated algorithms to 6.1 and added test unit to support newer rubies (fbd874) Louis Rose
  • Fix #15. Use object IDs rather than labels to identify vertexs in DOT graph to ensure that distinct nodes that share a label are shown. (33206f)
  • Issue #15. Fix tests. (4fc455)

2014-12 Release 0.5.0

This release mainly contains the contributions of Kirill, who added many algorithms to the library. Thank you Kirill!

  • @matiaskorhonen: Fixes the image paths in the README (#14)
  • @monora: Implicit graph example fails (#13)
  • @KL-7: Implement Graph#bipartite_sets. (#12)
  • @monora: syntax error in dot file for undirected graph (#11)
  • @KL-7: Edmonds-Karp algorithm for maximum flow (#10)
  • @KL-7: Prim's algorithm for minimum spanning tree (#9)
  • @carlosantoniodasilva: Run tests on Ruby 2.0 and remove deprecation warning (#8)
  • @KL-7: Bellman-Ford shortest paths algorithm (#7)
  • @KL-7: Minor improvements (asserts) for Dijkstra algorithm (#6)
  • @KL-7: Add Dijkstra shortest path algorithm. (#5)
  • @KL-7: Indentation and whitespaces clean up of examples (#4)
  • @KL-7: Travis configuration and README updates (#3)
  • @KL-7: Code clean up and configuration updates (#2)
  • @aschoerk: Renamed test-directory, (includes Rakefile), fixed TestComponents (#1)

2008-08-27 23:30 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/base.rb: Preparing for 0.4.0 release

2008-08-26 20:07 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/dot.rb, lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: Move the DOT module into the RGL module

    • This eliminates a class conflict with the DOT module from rdoc when building RGL's documentation * Also remove the superfluous DOT prefixes from class names in the DOT module

2008-08-24 06:16 javanthropus

  • Rakefile: Remove some comments I accidentally left in while testing rdoc functionality

2008-08-24 06:03 javanthropus

  • Rakefile, lib/rgl/transitiv_closure.rb, lib/rgl/transitivity.rb, tests/TestTransitiveClosure.rb, tests/TestTransitivity.rb: Feature 21641: Added transitive reduction functionality

    • Updated the gem description to announce this functionality * Moved the transitive closure functionality into the transitivity.rb file along with the transitive reduction funtionality * Modifed the transitiv_closure.rb file to simply load the transitivity.rb file for backward compatibility * Moved all transitivity tests into TestTransitivity.rb

2008-08-23 15:45 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/condensation.rb, lib/rgl/transitiv_closure.rb, tests/TestTransitiveClosure.rb: Defect 21630: Fixed transitive closure

    • The fix is based on the algorithm described in the documentation for the implementation of transitive closure in Boost * Along with the fix, performance is improved to O(|V||E|)
    • This implementation needs graph condensation, so that function was added as well * More tests were added to cover more corner cases

2008-08-23 05:40 javanthropus

  • tests/TestGraph.rb: Update basic graph tests to account for graphs with edgeless vertices Also clean up some minor formatting and assertion issues

2008-08-23 05:37 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb: Defect 21609: Fix the to_adjacency method to preserve edgeless vertices

2008-03-18 15:03 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: More reliably detect and handle newlines embedded within IDs and labels

2008-03-08 10:48 monora

  • ChangeLog, lib/rgl/base.rb (utags: REL_0_3_1): Prepare 0.3.1 release

2008-03-04 20:18 monora

  • Rakefile (tags: REL_0_3_1, REL_0_3_0): pre-tag commit

2008-03-02 18:16 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb (tags: REL_0_3_0): IDs and labels must be converted to strings before processing

2008-03-02 17:45 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: Added documentation for rdot.rb and full test coverage

2008-03-02 15:19 monora

  • README: Removed dead link to

2008-03-02 15:09 monora

  • ChangeLog, README, Rakefile (utags: REL_0_3_0): Polishing before 0.3.0 release

2008-03-02 13:45 monora

  • lib/rgl/: adjacency.rb, rdot.rb (utags: REL_0_3_0): Fixed warnings generated by Ruby Dev Tools

2008-03-02 07:57 javanthropus

  • Rakefile, lib/rgl/graphxml.rb (tags: REL_0_3_0), tests/TestGraphXML.rb (tags: REL_0_3_0): Change the way GraphML support is added to the MutableGraph module such that the interface is cleaner and documented

2008-03-01 20:12 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/base.rb, tests/TestGraph.rb: Polish the documentation for and expand the test coverage of RGL::Graph

2008-02-27 19:44 monora

  • README: Added link to coverage page

2008-02-26 06:01 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/dot.rb, lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestDot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: All IDs for DOT objects, including names, options, and values, are now automatically quoted as necessary according to the rules documented at and

    Labels are handled specially in order to account for \l, \r, and \n sequences but are otherwise treated the same as other options.

    New tests were added to confirm proper function.

    Some changes were made in order to remove explicit quotes from labels which are no longer necessary.

2008-02-17 20:15 monora

  • lib/rgl/enumerable_ext.rb: Removed backwards compatability method inject. Ruby > 1.8 supports it out of the box.

2008-02-17 20:07 monora

  • tests/: TestEdge.rb, TestDirectedGraph.rb, TestGraph.rb: Improved test coverage

2008-02-17 20:06 monora

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb: fixed bug in edgelist_class

2008-02-17 17:59 monora

  • Rakefile: - added coverage task - fixed BUG #2674 - added changelog task - use jamis buck rdoc template

2008-02-17 17:45 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb: Changed Version to 0.3.0

2008-02-17 09:09 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb: DOTSimpleElement provides no useful function, so remove it

2008-02-17 09:08 javanthropus

  • tests/TestRdot.rb: Test that setting only the name for a DOTNode does NOT set the label

2008-02-17 08:58 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: Add support for the Mrecord shape to DOTNode. Rewrite DOTNode#to_s to be easier to understand. #Rewrite DOTPort to allow for nesting ports.

2008-02-17 03:20 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: BUG 17964: DOTElement no longer sets the label unless the user explicitly sets one

2008-02-17 02:56 javanthropus

  • tests/TestRdot.rb: Fix a DOTEdge test which was actually retesting DOTNode

2008-02-16 19:58 javanthropus

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: BUG #17962: Subgraphs must be identified by a "subgraph" header rather than a "graph" header

2008-02-13 22:32 monora

  • tests/TestRdot.rb: Fixed typo

2008-02-13 22:20 monora

  • doc/jamis.rb: Added template from Jamis Buck for rdoc. Looks better.

2008-02-12 23:37 monora

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb: BUG #17969: Applied patch from Jeremy Bopp. Thanks.

2008-02-12 22:29 monora

  • README: fixed require in topsort example added delicious links

2007-12-11 21:04 wsdng

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb, tests/TestRdot.rb: fixed [#16125] DOT::DOTNode produces wrong DOT syntax

2007-12-11 00:21 wsdng

  • tests/: TestDot.rb, TestRdot.rb: reproduced [#16125] DOT::DOTNode produces wrong DOT syntax

2007-06-20 22:43 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb, rakelib/dep_graph.rake: Fixed typo

2006-04-19 21:32 monora

  • rakelib/dep_graph.rake: - Use write_to_graphic_file instead of dotty (dotty crashes) - omit added task from vertices

2006-04-12 23:45 monora

  • rakelib/dep_graph.rake: Initial checkin

2006-04-12 23:40 monora

  • lib/rgl/bidirectional.rb: Moved to module RGL

2006-04-12 23:36 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb: Moved BidirectionalGraph to own file.

2006-04-12 23:31 monora

  • lib/rgl/: base.rb, edge.rb, graph.rb: - Merged changes from Shawn
    • dont want to split base.rb

2006-04-12 23:27 monora

  • tests/: TestCycles.rb, TestGraph.rb, test_helper.rb, TestComponents.rb, TestTransitiveClosure.rb, TestTraversal.rb: - Merged changes from Shawn - added test_helper

2006-04-12 23:23 monora

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb: - Merged changes from Shawn - implemented clone support (initialize_copy)

2006-04-12 23:20 monora

  • lib/rgl/mutable.rb: Use clone instead of

2006-04-12 23:19 monora

  • lib/rgl/enumerable_ext.rb: Do not extend system class Array. Only used for testing.

2006-03-28 19:10 monora

  • lib/rgl/dot.rb: Added links to graphviz.

2006-03-20 02:06 spgarbet

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb, lib/rgl/base.rb, lib/rgl/bidirectional.rb, lib/rgl/edge.rb, lib/rgl/enumerable_ext.rb, lib/rgl/graph.rb, lib/rgl/mutable.rb, tests/TestComponents.rb, tests/TestCycles.rb, tests/TestGraph.rb, tests/TestTransitiveClosure.rb, tests/TestTraversal.rb: Added equality test for graphs, added cycle locating. Modified initialize to allow duplicating and merging of graphs. Split base into various subfiles. Added test cases for changes. Fixed problem with GraphXML.

2006-03-09 23:25 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb: Fixed typo Bug #2875

2006-03-03 22:28 monora

  • .cvsignore, .project: We now use Eclipse-RDT

2005-09-18 14:08 monora

  • tests/TestComponents.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC): Fixed required files.

2005-09-17 18:27 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC): Documentation corrected.

2005-09-17 18:25 monora

  • README (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC): Added link to delicious.

2005-04-12 20:59 monora

  • Rakefile (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC): corrected homepage link in gemspec

2005-04-12 20:50 monora

  • Makefile: rake is better than make

2005-04-12 20:35 monora

  • README (tags: REL_0_2_3): updated copyright notice

2005-04-12 20:32 monora

  • examples/examples.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): Added doc.

2005-04-12 18:23 monora

  • README: Fixed some outdated links.

2005-04-05 19:54 monora

  • ChangeLog (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): New entries generated

2005-03-30 21:27 monora

  • tests/TestDirectedGraph.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): Added test for isolated vertices in DirectedGraph#reverse.

2005-03-30 21:25 monora

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): Fixed bug in DirectedGraph#reverse reported by Kaspar Schiess. Isolated vertices were not treated correctly.

2005-03-26 15:06 wsdng

  • lib/rgl/rdot.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): added node and edge attributes

2005-03-22 22:31 monora

  • Rakefile (tags: REL_0_2_3): Fixed autorequire to work with gem version 0.8.8

2005-02-04 22:41 monora

  • README, lib/rgl/adjacency.rb, lib/rgl/base.rb (tags: REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/connected_components.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/dot.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/graphxml.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/implicit.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/mutable.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/rdot.rb, lib/rgl/topsort.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/transitiv_closure.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3), lib/rgl/traversal.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): Fixed some formatting issues and smoothed documentation. Thanks to Rich Morin.

2004-12-13 23:33 monora

  • Makefile, README, Rakefile, lib/rgl/base.rb, lib/rgl/graphxml.rb, lib/rgl/implicit.rb, lib/rgl/traversal.rb: Polished documentation

2004-12-13 21:07 monora

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb, tests/TestDirectedGraph.rb, tests/TestUnDirectedGraph.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3): Fixed bug in Graph#reverse reported by Sascha Ebach.

2004-12-12 19:09 cyent

  • tests/TestGraphXML.rb: Fixed bug in relative path

2004-12-12 19:08 cyent

  • tests/TestDirectedGraph.rb: Added test_random

2004-12-12 19:07 cyent

  • lib/rgl/: adjacency.rb, base.rb, connected_components.rb, rdot.rb: Fixed comments, removed warnings in ruby1.9 -w by adding attr_readers, told emacs to use tab-width 4 on these files

2004-12-11 23:46 monora

  • README (tags: REL_0_2_2), Rakefile (tags: REL_0_2_2), examples/examples.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), lib/stream.rb, lib/rgl/base.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), lib/rgl/graphxml.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), lib/rgl/traversal.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), tests/TestGraphXML.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2), tests/_TestGraphXML.rb: Added gem packaging.

2004-10-08 15:15 monora

  • tests/runtests.rb: In new testframework not needed.

2004-10-08 15:14 monora

  • lib/utils.rb: Code move to base.rb

2004-10-06 22:11 monora

  • lib/rgl/base.rb: Code from utils.rb included

2004-10-06 22:09 monora

  • Rakefile: First start for gem preparation

2003-07-30 21:50 monora

  • lib/utils.rb, lib/rgl/implicit.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), tests/TestComponents.rb (tags: REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2), tests/TestDirectedGraph.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), tests/TestImplicit.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2), tests/TestTransitiveClosure.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2), tests/TestTraversal.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2), tests/TestUnDirectedGraph.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2), tests/_TestGraphXML.rb, tests/runtests.rb (utags: rforge-import):
    • port to ruby 1.8 - compiler warnings removed - set_up -> setup in testfiles

2002-11-13 21:53 monora

  • lib/rgl/: rdot.rb, dot.rb (utags: REL_0_2_2, rforge-import): Name-attribute of DOTNode has to be escaped by ".

2002-11-10 21:21 monora

  • lib/: utils.rb, rgl/adjacency.rb (tags: REL_0_2_2, rforge-import), set.rb: Use knus compatibility library for Ruby 1.8 esp. for set.rb and inject.

2002-09-22 15:58 monora

  • lib/rgl/dot.rb: to_dot_graph now also outputs vertices.

2002-09-22 15:57 monora

  • lib/rgl/adjacency.rb: cosmetic.

2002-09-17 22:58 monora

  • Makefile (tags: REL_0_2_2, rforge-import): Added releasedoc target.

2002-09-17 22:57 monora

  • lib/rgl/: base.rb (tags: rforge-import), implicit.rb: Fixed typo.

2002-08-29 21:20 monora

  • ChangeLog: Changed NameError to NoVertexError.

2002-08-29 21:17 monora

  • tests/TestDirectedGraph.rb, tests/TestUnDirectedGraph.rb, lib/rgl/adjacency.rb, lib/rgl/base.rb, ChangeLog: Changed NameError to NoVertexError.

2002-08-23 22:07 monora

  • Makefile (tags: V0_2_1), README (tags: rforge-import, V0_2_1), examples/canvas.rb (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2, rforge-import, V0_2_1), examples/north/g.12.8.graphml (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2, rforge-import, V0_2_1), examples/north/g.14.9.graphml (tags: PRE_CHECKIN_JC, REL_0_2_3, REL_0_2_2, rforge-import, V0_2_1), lib/dot/dot.rb, lib/rgl/base.rb (tags: V0_2_1), lib/rgl/dot.rb (tags: V0_2_1), lib/rgl/rdot.rb (tags: V0_2_1): canvas.rb added. Collision with rdoc/dot.rb removed.

2002-08-19 21:58 monora

  • README (tags: V0_2): Added link to SF.