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Simple, efficient background processing for Ruby.

Sidekiq uses threads to handle many jobs at the same time in the same process. It does not require Rails but will integrate tightly with Rails to make background processing dead simple.


  • Redis: 6.2+
  • Ruby: MRI 2.7+ or JRuby 9.3+.

Sidekiq 7.0 supports Rails 6.0+ but does not require it.


bundle add sidekiq

Getting Started

See the Getting Started wiki page and follow the simple setup process. You can watch this YouTube playlist to learn all about Sidekiq and see its features in action. Here's the Web UI:

Web UI


The benchmark in bin/sidekiqload creates 500,000 no-op jobs and drains them as fast as possible, assuming a fixed Redis network latency of 1ms. This requires a lot of Redis network I/O and JSON parsing. This benchmark is IO-bound so we increase the concurrency to 25. If your application is sending lots of emails or performing other network-intensive work, you could see a similar benefit but be careful not to saturate the CPU.

Version Time to process 500k jobs Throughput (jobs/sec) Ruby Concurrency Job Type
Sidekiq 7.0.3 21.3 sec 23,500 3.2.0+yjit 30 Sidekiq::Job
Sidekiq 7.0.3 33.8 sec 14,700 3.2.0+yjit 30 ActiveJob 7.0.4
Sidekiq 7.0.3 23.5 sec 21,300 3.2.0 30 Sidekiq::Job
Sidekiq 7.0.3 46.5 sec 10,700 3.2.0 30 ActiveJob 7.0.4
Sidekiq 7.0.3 23.0 sec 21,700 2.7.5 30 Sidekiq::Job
Sidekiq 7.0.3 46.5 sec 10,850 2.7.5 30 ActiveJob 7.0.4

Most of Sidekiq's overhead is Redis network I/O. ActiveJob adds a notable amount of CPU overhead due to argument deserialization and callbacks. Concurrency of 30 was determined experimentally to maximize one CPU without saturating it.

Want to Upgrade?

Use bundle up sidekiq to upgrade Sidekiq and all its dependencies. Upgrade notes between each major version can be found in the docs/ directory.

I also sell Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise, extensions to Sidekiq which provide more features, a commercial-friendly license and allow you to support high quality open source development all at the same time. Please see the Sidekiq homepage for more detail.


Please do not directly email any Sidekiq committers with questions or problems. A community is best served when discussions are held in public.

If you have a problem, please review the FAQ and Troubleshooting wiki pages. Searching the issues for your problem is also a good idea.

Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise customers get private email support. You can purchase at; email [email protected] for help.

Useful resources:

  • Product documentation is in the wiki.
  • Occasional announcements are made to the @sidekiq Twitter account.
  • The Sidekiq tag on Stack Overflow has lots of useful Q & A.

Every Friday morning is Sidekiq office hour: I video chat and answer questions. See the Sidekiq support page for details.


Please see the contributing guidelines.


Please see LICENSE.txt for licensing details. The license for Sidekiq Pro and Sidekiq Enterprise can be found in COMM-LICENSE.txt.


Mike Perham, @getajobmike / @sidekiq, /