Skype Public API for Ruby

Author: Matthew Scharley
Contributors: See contributors on GitHub
Bugs/Support: Github Issues
Copyright: 2012
License: MIT license
Status: Defunct - Skype FAQ explaining in detail


This library is a binding for the Skype Public API. Currently, due to the Skype API being accessed in different ways on different platforms this library will initially only be supported on Linux/DBus and Windows. The Skype Public API is a way to hook into the Skype client released by Microsoft and automate it. To use this library you must have a copy of the Skype client installed locally. This is not a stand-alone library to access the Skype network.

This is very much still under development

If you want to use this or help out, please feel free to clone/fork and play with this, but it is prone to break or change at any time.


For now, you will need to install from the git repository. Simply clone it to wherever you like and then add it to your include path if needed.

There are also prerelease versions available via gem if you want to test out a stable version, however at this early stage these may not be as useful as the development version in git. You may install the gem version with

gem install ruby-skype --pre

Mac OS X Support

OS X integration should be possible, however I don't have a Mac to test/develop with. If you want to help out, then look at the Skype::Communication::* classes. Skype::Communication::Protocol is the base interface you need to implement. See GH-8 for more information. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There is some documentation about the Skype API itself in the doc folder. The ruby-skype API documentation is available online. To generate them locally, simply clone the library, then run yard in the repo root. The API documentation will be available in /doc/api when complete.


Generate a Ruby friendly front-end to access the Skype public API.