No Longer Maintained

This repository is no longer maintained and kept only for reference purposes.

ExactTarget – Ruby wrapper for the ExactTarget XML API

ExactTarget is a library for communicating with the ExactTarget email system. The library supports the most up-to-date XML API and is capable of uploading email pastes, images and retrieving lists of subscribers, emails and more.

Download and installation

The latest version of ExactTarget can be installed with Rubygems:

[sudo] gem install exacttarget

Source code can be downloaded on GitHub

Example Usage

# Setup a new client:
client =
  :username     => 'username',
  :password     => 'password',
  :ftp_username => '123456',
  :ftp_password => '123456',
  :ftp_name     => ExactTarget::FTP_ENHANCED_NAME,
  :ftp_uri      => ExactTarget::FTP_ENHANCED_URI,
  :ftp_path     => ExactTarget::FTP_ENHANCED_PATH

# Create a new email:
email_id = client.email_create 'New', 'Hi there.', '<html><div>Foo</div></html>'

# Find subscriber lists containing
# the keyword "Test" in their name:
lists = client.list_find_by_name 'Test'

# Send that email to each list:
client.email_send :id => email_id, :include => ( { |list| list[:id] })


ExactTarget is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for further details.


Provided through RubyDoc: