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This is OMF version 6. If are looking for the previous generation of OMF (5.x), please see the installation guides here.

Introduction to OMF

OMF is a framework for controlling, instrumenting, and managing experimental platforms (testbeds).

  • Researchers use OMF to describe, instrument, and execute their experiments.

  • Testbed providers use OMF to make their resources discoverable, control access to them, optimise their utilisation through virtualisation, and federation with other testbeds.

Please visit our official website for more information.


Follow our detailed Installation Guide.


Design documents and developer tutorials are available in our Developer Guide. OMF is a community effort, and we welcome your contributions. Please refer to the Contribution Guide on how to participate.


Ask for help and join the discussion on our mailing list. Subscribe to the list and browse the message archive holding many frequently asked questions.

If you find a bug, please log in to the website and click "New Issue" in the top menu. If you do not have an account, feel free to register. Alternatively, you can send your bug report via email (does not require an account). Please attach log files and describe which version of OMF and what platform you are using.