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This library provides an easy way to run bots and scripts that use Reddit API. I (@nakilon) currently run near 10 bots with it.


Python (and so PRAW) sucks.


The examples folder includes:

  • iostroubleshooting -- bot that applies flairs to posts
  • mlgtv -- bot that updates sidebar with currently streaming twitch channels
  • pokemon_trading -- bot that sets flair to user according to request submitted via PM
  • oneplus -- bot that removes and modmails about links to 1080x1920 images
  • yayornay (not active yet) -- bot that flairs posts according to voting in top level comments
  • largeimages -- useful script for subreddit /r/largeimages
    It calculates quality of x-posts from different subreddits based on mods activity (remove/approve).
    For example, this shows that it would be ok to ignore /r/pics from now:

         pics            Total: 98     Quality: 19%  
      wallpapers         Total: 69     Quality: 52%  
      wallpaper          Total: 45     Quality: 51%  
       woahdude          Total: 30     Quality: 66%  
       CityPorn          Total: 17     Quality: 82%  
       FoodPorn          Total: 13     Quality: 7%  
       MapPorn           Total: 13     Quality: 46%  
       SkyPorn           Total: 11     Quality: 45%  
       carporn           Total: 11     Quality: 45%  

    InfrastructurePorn Total: 9 Quality: 77%

You obviously can't run these examples as is, because they have some dependencies that are not in this repo. Like secrets.yaml file for authorization of the following format:

:client_id: Kb9.......6wBw
:client_secret: Fqo.....................AFI
:password: mybotpassword
:login: MyBotUsername


$ gem install reddit_bot


require "reddit_bot"

probably Gemfile:

source ""
gem "reddit_bot"

TODO: Write usage instructions here
TODO: manual on how to create bots with Reddit web interface and run via bash console

Contributing and License

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.