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A key-exchange service implementing the “diffie-hellman-group14-sha1” key-exchange algorithm. (defined in RFC 4253)

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P_s =

The value of 'P', as a string, in hexadecimal

"FFFFFFFF" "FFFFFFFF" "C90FDAA2" "2168C234" +
"C4C6628B" "80DC1CD1" "29024E08" "8A67CC74" +
"020BBEA6" "3B139B22" "514A0879" "8E3404DD" +
"EF9519B3" "CD3A431B" "302B0A6D" "F25F1437" +
"4FE1356D" "6D51C245" "E485B576" "625E7EC6" +
"F44C42E9" "A637ED6B" "0BFF5CB6" "F406B7ED" +
"EE386BFB" "5A899FA5" "AE9F2411" "7C4B1FE6" +
"49286651" "ECE45B3D" "C2007CB8" "A163BF05" +
"98DA4836" "1C55D39A" "69163FA8" "FD24CF5F" +
"83655D23" "DCA3AD96" "1C62F356" "208552BB" +
"9ED52907" "7096966D" "670C354E" "4ABC9804" +
"F1746C08" "CA18217C" "32905E46" "2E36CE3B" +
"E39E772C" "180E8603" "9B2783A2" "EC07A28F" +
"B5C55DF0" "6F4C52C9" "DE2BCBF6" "95581718" +
"3995497C" "EA956AE5" "15D22618" "98FA0510" +
P_r =

The radix in which P_s represents the value of P

G =

The group constant


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Constants::DEBUG, Constants::DISCONNECT, Constants::IGNORE, Constants::KEXDH_GEX_GROUP, Constants::KEXDH_GEX_INIT, Constants::KEXDH_GEX_REPLY, Constants::KEXDH_GEX_REQUEST, Constants::KEXDH_INIT, Constants::KEXDH_REPLY, Constants::KEXECDH_INIT, Constants::KEXECDH_REPLY, Constants::KEXINIT, Constants::NEWKEYS, Constants::SERVICE_ACCEPT, Constants::SERVICE_REQUEST, Constants::UNIMPLEMENTED

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#digester, #exchange_keys, #initialize

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