Nexmo JWT Generator for Ruby

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This is the Ruby library to generate Nexmo JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). To use it you'll need a Nexmo account. Sign up for free at


The JWT generator supports Ruby version 2.5 or newer.


To install the Ruby client library using Rubygems:

gem install nexmo-jwt

Alternatively you can clone the repository:

git clone


By default the Nexmo JWT generator creates a short lived JWT (15 minutes) per request. To generate a long lived JWT for multiple requests, specify a longer value in the exp parameter during initialization.

Example with no custom configuration:

@builder = YOUR_APPLICATION_ID, private_key: YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY)
@token = @builder.jwt.generate

Example providing custom configuration options:

@builder =
  application_id: YOUR_APPLICATION_ID,
  private_key: YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY,
  ttl: 500,
  paths: {
    "acl": {
      "paths": {
        "/messages": {
          "methods": ["POST", "GET"],
          "filters": {
            "from": "447977271009"  
  subject: 'My_Custom_Subject'
@token = @builder.jwt.generate


Nexmo Ruby JWT documentation:

Nexmo Ruby code examples:

Nexmo API reference:


This library is released under the MIT License